Become A Campus Representative

For College Students

The following pertains to all college students seeking to become a Campus Representative for the Kiyama Movement.

In order to serve as a Campus Representative (CR) for the Kiyama Movement the following criteria must be met.

  • An individual must be 18 years of age or older
  • An individual must Contact the Kiyama Movement via email and provide the following:
    • a 500 word essay as to why he wants to serve as a Campus Rep.
    • links to his social media sites
    • the name and email address of three (3) references (at least one reference must come from a faculty member at the school and one must come from an upperclassmen at the school).
  •  An individual must be in good standing (no disciplinary issues) with his school
  • An individual must be a sophomore, junior or senior with at least 30 credits at his present school
  • An individual must have a 2.5 GPA or better
  • An individual must embrace the Kiyama Principles
  • An individual must embrace the War On Ignorance
  • An individual must have an active Kiyama Circle and Cabinet
  • An individual must be willing to work with existing campus organizations and leaders
  • An individual must take the Kiyama Pledge within one year of “joining” the Kiyama Movement.


  • Promoting (within the framework of the school’s existing Black student organizations) the objectives of the Kiyama Movement – particularly as such objectives pertain to self-improvement;
  • (*) Working collectively with other KCRs on his campus or nearby campuses to promote the objectives of the Kiyama Movement (within the framework of the school’s existing Black student organizations);
  • Serving as a liaison for Kiyama in the primary Black student organization(s) on campus;
  • Hosting at least one (1) Kiyama Pledge ceremony in the academic school year

    (*) Please note: the population of a given school will determine the number of KCRs on a given campus.


  • Hosting parties or fundraisers on or off campus in the name of the Kiyama Movement;
  • Creating a Kiyama “organization” on campus;
  • Operating outside of the scope of the Kiyama objectives.