Resist becoming and/or remaining consumed by the primordial practice of racism perpetuated by many in the dominant culture.



Resist becoming and/or remaining consumed by those who are indifferent and/or who serve as apologists and/or sympathizers for racism and the resulting oppression.



Dismiss/ignore those Blacks and non-whites who consciously choose to disassociate themselves in their quest to gain acceptance from members of the dominate culture. Such individuals are on a decidedly different mission. One that ultimately sustains white supremacy and the trappings thereof.     


STOP enabling the “rotten apples” (i.e. purveyors of violence) in the black community. We must accept the fact that even in a perfect world there will be some among us (for whatever reason) that simply have very little (if any) regard for the general welfare of the broader community in which they live.

Such individuals simply want to have it their way. Their reckless acts of violence have few limits. Their allegiance lies with a twisted, insatiable appetite to be irresponsible social deviants not deserving of our assistance and/or benevolence.

Their apparent indifference to our repeated calls to cease and desist demonstrates a harsh truth about them that we should not ignore. They are few in number but undeniably lethal and should be treated like any hostile enemy that seeks to bring ruin upon our people.